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The Future of Medical Manufacturing

The introduction of 3D printing in 2012 has changed the medical device manufacturing industry. It continues to do so with each new innovation.

3D printing has completely revolutionized the production of medical devices. Availability, customization, and the overall lower costs of these devices make it ideal for serving the large (and ever-growing) market of health care consumers.

Examples of 3D Printing at Work

In 2012, 3D printing focused on creating small medical devices such as hearing aids, dental crowns and surgical implants. In 2021, 3D printing is being used for far more extensive and complex uses like replacement limbs and customized devices and implants to help with unique medical challenges. In one case, a nine-year-old boy suffered from cerebral palsy. He struggled to breathe due to the lack of muscle tone to keep his airways spontaneously collapsing. His doctor was able to make an in-house implant that kept his airways open. Not only has 3D printing become quicker and more customizable, but cheaper. Most of these custom, in-house implants cost no more than a few dollars.

Doctors are also using 3D printers to examine patients better. A doctor needed to adjust the collarbone of a patient who had fractured it. Instead of figuring out how to do this mid-surgery, the doctor took a CT scan of the patient’s collarbone and 3D printed it. This allowed the doctor to plan his course of action before the surgery. In doing this, the doctor successfully repaired the collarbone and has used this technique for hundreds of surgeries.

Even in 2012, when 3D printing was first emerging, it was changing the world. Now, we are watching artists, medical professionals, architects and more use 3D printing to improve people worldwide. 3D printing will continue to work for more complex, quicker and cheaper ways to change people’s lives worldwide.

Future of Medical Manufacturing

As a leader in the medical manufacturing industry, C & A can attest to many developments around us. Hearing personal stories from patients, doctors and other experts inspires us to continually develop the products that serve our customers. Our goal and mission are to improve the health and minds of all people around the world and further educational development in these areas.

C & A Scientific is a dedicated leader in improving the health and minds of people worldwide. We supply over 700 award-winning medical and STEM-inspired products to distributors and retailers looking for sensational customer service. Learn more about us and our story here. 

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