Run your veterinary practice with reliable materials from C & A Scientific. Our team has assembled a collection of veterinary equipment with various modern, economical tools that can accommodate any laboratory. Whether you need tools for your research or private practice, rest assured that our products will yield accurate results.

C & A is committed to improving the health and minds of people worldwide, including making the world a safer place for our pets and animals.


A veterinary practice is successful when it can efficiently care for sick pets, provide preventative care for healthy pets, establish relationships with clients, and grow financially. Our products can elevate your practice by expanding and initiating new ways to care for animals and treat illnesses.

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C & A Scientific provides products to improve the health and treatment of animals with our extensive veterinary line.


Vets may need to use centrifuges in their practice to advance the separation of substances with differing masses. Centrifuges may be necessary for animal blood or urine testing. Our centrifuges stand out due to the wide variety of sizes and models we carry.


A wax trimmer may prove helpful in your veterinary practice. Wax trimmers prepare animal biopsy tissue for analysis. Our wax trimmers have digital interfaces and are excellent for laboratory analysis.


C & A carries various microscopes, perfect for all laboratory technician needs. Our microscopes feature adjustable heads, mechanical stages, and detachable power cords.


Keep your samples ready for analysis with a slide warmer. Our slide warmer’s digital interface allows the user to track temperature to ensure proper specimen care.


Veterinary laboratories will also need a paraffin wax dispenser for tissue embedding and infiltration. Our paraffin wax dispensers have a durable stainless steel interior for easy cleaning.


Our tissue floating baths are also an excellent addition to any veterinary laboratory. These tissue floating baths are the next step in the histological process to prepare tissue for analysis. 


Scalpels can be helpful in veterinary practice to cut incisions through skin and to use for soft tissue dissection in extensive animal surgeries. C & A has various scalpels for veterinary needs, including disposable and high-carbon steel scalpels.


Premiere ICE White Glass Slides make animal tissue analysis easier than before. Our clear glass slides provide perfect clarity for rapid tissue analysis.


Our tissue-embedding cassettes, made of high-density, solvent-resistant polymer, are perfect for use in a veterinary laboratory.


Our base molds are perfect for use in a veterinary histology laboratory and will help quickly remove specimens. These molds provide a better gripping surface for handling, preventing tipping and reducing wax waste.


Our slide mailers are perfect for securing and moving slides. Our heavy-duty slide mailers provide adequate protection for any samples that may need to be analyzed.


Our glass droppers are perfect for administering eye medication, feeding baby animals in rehabilitative practices, or transferring specimens to slides. Our droppers are precise and leakproof.


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