About us

After 30 years specializing in the development and manufacturing of medical equipment, consumables and science educational supplies, C & A Scientific is a leader in improving the health and minds of people worldwide. We supply over 700 award-winning medical and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) inspired products, and are the one stop shop for distributors and retailers looking for quality and sensational customer service.

C & A is a family-owned company located in Sterling, VA, with bi-coastal distribution centers and warehouses in Virginia and California.  We are proud to be a minority-owned business.

Reasons to Choose C & A Scientific

Exceptional Customer Service

Pick up the phone or send an email and let’s discuss the best options for your business!

Custom Manufacturing

Utilize our design expertise to create custom items suited to your specific usage.


Serving as the one stop shop for your educational, medical and STEM needs.

Product Knowledge

We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and know every aspect of our products and industry

Our Testimonials

“You can tell the difference that these are quality products and what I love is that they are at an affordable price for most families.”

Reyn Rice

Founder and CEO, Toy Trends

 “Anyone can benefit from working with C & A Scientific. We have a ton of families and that is really what our market is focused on. [Our customers] benefit from us and C & A Scientific so it has been a great relationship”

Bryan Raddatz

General Manager, Time Machine

“I would refer other retailers to C & A but I would also refer the consumers and friends and family to buy their products. I don’t think there is a limit to the types of retailers that could do well with the C & A products“

Jessica Wright

Account Manager, MMP Living

“Retailers can really benefit from working with C & A Scientific because STEM skills are for kids to learn these days”

Our Brands

My First Lab® features award-winning children’s educational microscopes, science products and experiment kits. We help kids discover, learn and grow and support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) based learning in our educational products.

Bio-Lion® Centrifuges set the standard. We offer a series of four laboratory centrifuges – high-speed, low-speed, refrigerated and mini centrifuges.

Premiere® Microscopes and Laboratory Instruments features student-based and professional microscopes to full-grade professional laboratory instruments and centrifuges, all focused on performance, affordability, and quality.

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