Slide Warmer

Slide Warmer Cheat Sheet

Slide warmers have multiple functions and can do much more than “warm” slides.  

The main purpose of a slide warmer is to dry or warm slides and help stain slides. Here are some other functions customers use our slide warmers for:  

  • Warm gel packs: Believe it or not, we get requests to buy slide warmers to warm gel packs. Doctors’ offices place the gel packs on the warmer and heat to the perfect body temperature for their patients.  
  • In Histology labs, scientists place the slides on the warmer to flatten paraffin samples. 
  • IVF application for holding specimens at body temperature.  
  • Can be used in Cytology, Pathology and Biology applications. 
  • Slide warmers can even be used in preparation of medical marijuana!  

The Different Kinds of Slide Warmers

At C & A Scientific, we sell five different versions of slide warmers.  

  • Small Slide Warmer – Perfect for smaller laboratories or experiments that have less samples. This slide warmer can fit up to 23 1” x 3” slides.  
  • Large Slide Warmer – This unit has a 25” x 8” heating surface that fits up to 66 1” x 3” slides. The anodized aluminum heating surface and reach temperatures of up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit.   
  • Small Slide Warner with Hinge Cover – The hinged cover allows the user to control humidity and provides a uniform heating surface. Just like our standard slide warmer, this unit can hold up to 23 1” x 3” slides. 
  • Large Slide Warner with Hinge Cover – Just like the smaller model, this unit allows the user to control humidity and provides a uniform heating surface. The modern LED interface clearly displays the temperature for easy reference. 
  • Step Up Slide Warmer – This unique tiered design holds up to twice as many slides as the flat unit all while taking up less lab space. The rear legs raise for a leveled surface to hold and warm slides. This unit can hold up to 40 slides.  

Unique Features of Slide Warmers 

  1. Each of our slide warmers come with easy to operate push-button control panels with modern LED screens to view temperature in real time.  
  2. The anodized aluminum surface provides heat control across the unit. The dark color of the surface also provides contrast against the samples.  
  3. Each unit can reach up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit.  

    Which Industries Would Benefit from a Slide Warmer?  

    • Fertility 
    • Cytology 
    • Histology 
    • Pathology 
    • Biology  

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