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I have appreciated your consistently excellent communication… your emails have been prompt, helpful clear, and have gone above and beyond…frankly, I place more value on how a company handles mistakes when they arise than a mistake-free transaction. You follow[ed] through until the matter was resolved.
Cathy, Washington, DC
The optics [on the Mini Duo Scope] are good enough to see live protozoa… [and] the movement of cilia in larger paramecium. The large focus knob [makes it] easy to bring things into focus. It’s certainly better optics than most of the other “toy” microscopes out there.
Tom, Chantilly, VA
Jacob loves [the Duo-Scope], and we are so thrilled with the quality and ease of use. At only four years old, Jacob is completely capable of using this microscope with very minimal assistance. I want to sincerely thank you for making such a good quality and affordable product that my son can enjoy.
Chandra, Centennial, CO

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