C & A Scientific services the medical, educational and STEM industries. From microscopes and centrifuges to experiment sets and real animal skeletons, retailers and distributors worldwide benefit from our affordability, credibility, quick shipping and 5-star customer service.  As the manufacturer of high-quality medical and science products, we are knowledge experts in every one of our industries.

We offer curated product lines across several industries and subfields, making us a leader in multiple spaces. With our stellar customer service, we ensure our partners get the products they need. 


Our collection of Histology based products contains up to date, reliable equipment ready to outfit a variety of needs in the study of biological tissue. From the first gatherings of samples through to diagnostic testing and beyond, C & A Scientific can provide for any laboratory.


When it comes to treating animals, C & A Scientific understands that having reliable materials is at a premium. Our team assembled a collection of Veterinary equipment with a variety of modern, economic tools able to accommodate any laboratory. Whether in research, private practice or on the go, vets can be assured that their results will remain accurate over a long product lifespan.


Especially in the age of Covid, Personal Protection Equipment is necessary. C & A Scientific has put together a catalog of  tested, reliable equipment made to protect the user in their everyday life or in a medical environment. Fit with collection swabs, masks and lab coats, users will be able to outfit their PPE needs with ease.


National Doctor’s Day – What effect has the Covid-19 pandemic had on healthcare in the US?

National Doctor's Day is celebrated every year on March 30th. The first Doctor's Day observance was March 30th, 1933, in Winder, Georgia. This first observance included mailed greeting cards and flowers placed on the graves of deceased physicians. In 1990, legislation...

Largest PPE Shortage Since the Start of the Pandemic: Challenges & Solutions

Personal Protection Equipment Shortages and Raised Prices  Shortages in personal protection equipment (PPE) is becoming an issue across the United States. Hospitals in the country are facing severe shortages of masks for their staff and patients. The PPE shortage is...

History of the Vaccine

History of the Vaccine   The first vaccine, created by Edward Jenner, was used to fight against cowpox in 1796 in England. Though rarely seen today, cowpox, a viral infection, was contracted often by milkmaids before the late 1700s. When someone touched the udder of a...

Future of Telemedicine & COVID-19

What is telemedicine?  Telemedicine is sharing information about a patient’s health outside of a traditional in-person visit with a doctor. Telemedicine began in the 1950s when hospital systems tried to find ways to share information through the telephone.  ...

The Future of COVID-19 and Vaccinations

Coronavirus 2021  COVID-19 is nearing the one-year mark in the United States with over 26.2 million cases to date. While cases in the United States are still doubling their daily totals, many people worldwide are experiencing pandemic fatigue. Just before the end of...

Flu Season Update

The Covid-19 pandemic has overshadowed many things this past year. Most recently, it has surpassed the 2020/2021 flu season. The annual seasonal flu is still ongoing this year, despite the pandemic. When is the flu season?  According to the CDC, most flu season cases...

Medical Advancements

Covid-19 is approaching its one-year mark in the United States. As cases are on the rise again, people all over the world are eager for a cure. In the past few days, Moderna and Pfizer have released some promising clinical trials of their Covid-19 vaccinations. While...

COVID-19 Testing & Swabs

The global pandemic, Covid-19, has had a profound impact on everyone. It has affected everything from economies worldwide, health standards and even how we interact with others. While many of us have taken precautions like social distancing and wearing masks, the...

2020 STEM Holiday List

Happy Holidays from all of us at  My First Lab!  As we enter the season of giving, now is the perfect time to craft a holiday wish list. My First Lab has a whole suite of STEM products (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to create exciting discoveries and...

Personal Protection Equipment

What is PPE?  PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) can mean many different things, but for most of us today, this means face masks. Whether these are medical-grade face masks to cloth face masks, PPE has become a part of our day to day lives now.  Other PPE items...

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