It’s All About The Optics! Imagine What A Kid Can Discover With A Smartphone Inspector or Award-Winning Duo-Scope™ Starter Kit! 

Manassas, VA (September 20, 2017) – Parents have a pretty good idea of back-to-school basics – new shoes, backpacks and school supplies. But did you add a home microscope to your list? If you have a child in elementary through high school in the house, a professional grade microscope at a budget-friendly price is a wonderful investment for the whole family. My First Lab’s array of fully assembled microscopes puts the focus on science, magnified!

My First Lab, a children’s educational product line of C&A Scientific, a lab product manufacturer and scientific supply company, has invested over 20 years of expertise to build a microscope that is inexpensive enough for a child, but possessing an image quality good enough for an adult. That’s not just them talking but consumers who gush on amazon after their microscopes arrive in the house.

I bought this for my nephew who is 13 years old and we couldn’t be more pleased and happy with it. He has been looking at plants, bugs, dirt and pretty much everything that comes to his mind and I have to admit that I’ve been playing with it too, looking into jewelry, some crystals and diamonds to see the quality of them… Highly recommended.”

As their expansive website ( boasts, “all of the microscopes in the My First Lab line use laboratory-quality glass, or specially-coated plastic optics, giving clarity comparable to our laboratory-grade microscopes.”

The microscope that started the in-home trend is the Duo-Scope™ –  the most popular microscope sold on amazon! My First Lab created a proprietary lens coating that greatly improves clarity, a feature normally reserved only for expensive, professional-grade microscopes. With up to 400x magnification power, it also is packed with 50 accessories, including five blank microscope slides, four prepared slides, blank slide labels, cover slips, plastic dropper, two Non-toxic Stains (Red & Blue), forceps, pack of lens paper, test tube, petri dish and teasing needle .

My First Lab went one step further and created the WOW Scope™, an appropriate name for the amazing things a child will uncover! Students from elementary to middle school will run home from the bus stop to get their hands on this microscope that views 3D objects up to 25x its size! Included in the kit are five specimens with slide carrying case and experiment guide. That calls for a wow.

Does your student carry a smartphone? My First Lab introduces the nifty Smartphone Inspector. Everywhere they go, so does a handy microscope that clips onto their iPhone or Android device. With this attachment, students can hover over anything that is in their path and view it up to 60X magnification.

 “Wow, this is an amazing and very affordable microscope,” typed one parent on the amazon review section after using the Smartphone Inspector. “Great for introducing young people to all the mysteries of everyday items. Comes fully assembled with batteries already installed. Just clip on over the camera eye on your smart phone, turn on the camera app, and you are ready to go! You have to pull up on the scope to adjust your view. You twist the top on the battery container to turn on low-level blue light, or bright LED light. Great microscope for the money!”

How does a parent or grandparent know which is the best model for their loved one? My First Lab explains that when purchasing a microscope, clarity, functionality, and price are some of the biggest considerations. The My First Lab line also incorporates many of the features and functions of more complex microscopes, such as multiple magnifications, LED illumination, and durable construction. Many of their scopes have unique features not found elsewhere, such as the dual-view system.

But most of all, they understand the family budget. As their website points out, “all microscopes in the My First Lab line are priced competitively. Education should not be expensive, and our products embody that motto.”

As holiday shopping lists are being made, consider wrapping up a white lab coat and clipboard with one of these four recommended science must-haves that foster skills for today’s homework and tomorrow’s college experiments!

Duo-Scope Starter Kit • Ages 8+ 

This powerful kit is based on the best-selling microscope, the Duo Scope, and is designed for elementary through middle school age students. It has some amazing features including a 10X eyepiece, Dual focus knob

top and bottom LED lights and more. In fact, it comes with a 40-piece accessory kit including Brine Shrimp Eggs Specimen Vial, Hatchery,  3 Empty Specimen Vials, 1 Yeast Specimen Vial and many more! The starter kit is battery operated, CE Certified and CPSIA approved. Nice!

My First Lab WOW Scope • Ages 9+ 

2016 Creative Child Product of the Year Award

This is the best Microscope for 3D objects!  You’ll hear the kids blurt out “wow” many times a day when they eye this microscope. The interchangeable pairs of 10X and 25X eyepieces allow for 20X and 50X total magnification. Students can view 3D objects up close! The top and bottom duo-LED illumination can be used for solid objects or prepared slides. Includes 5 specimens with slide carrying case and experiment guide.

Smartphone Inspector • Ages 12+ 

Got a phone? Become a scientist with this adaptable add-on for any smartphone or tablet with a built-in camera—voila! You have a compact, lightweight, high-resolution digital microscope for on-the go! Everyone can discover clues and examine evidence with ease as the Smartphone Inspector features 60X magnification, giving incredible clarity on everyday items kids encounter. Makes a wonderful holiday gift for big kids (teens to Dads) too!


For over 20 years, this Manassas, VA based company has brought a fresh and innovative approach to the educational toy market. Designed with children first, the award-winning My First Lab™ products focus on the discovery and learning experience every step of the way. From microscopes, prepared slides, experiment kits, and real animal skeletons, they put high-quality, affordable products into the hands of young scientists. My First Lab is developed and manufactured by C&A Scientific, a family-owned company and leader in scientific and educational microscopes and laboratory accessories to organizations worldwide. Visit for more


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