Help You Sell: We’ve Made 3 Updates to the Mini-Duo Scope!

my first lab kit

1. The MFL-20 is now the Duo Scope™ Starter Kit.

We updated the name to show that this microscope is the essential tool every child needs in their first step in scientific discovery — perfect for elementary through middle school aged students.  The kit is packed with 40 science accessories!

See the new product pictures and listings online at My First Lab.  


2. Enjoy our NEW packaging!

We’ve enhanced our product box both inside and out — ensuring safer shipping and better packaging of the microscope and 40-piece accessory kit. It also includes fresh new artwork with crisp photos and diagrams. We’ve even updating the inside package for a safer shipment.  You and your customers will love it!

3. Product Colors:  White and blue replaced the teal and yellow.

The product color update represents the look of a microscope used by REAL lab professionals, plus it positions the kit to appeal to both boys and girls — increasing your selling opportunity in both markets.

The UPC code and model number have not changed. We made these updates to the existing product to help you increase your product sales.

The Duo Scope™ Starter Kit is Available NOW! See it action and order at, or contact your account executive.