Jacob loves [the Duo-Scope], and we are so thrilled with the quality and ease of use. At only four years old, Jacob is completely capable of using this microscope with very minimal assistance. I want to sincerely thank you for making such a good quality and affordable product that my son can enjoy.
– Chandra | Centennial, CO

I appreciate the great, fast responding customer support, and have already recommended your products to a coworker. Keep up the good work!

— Mike D.

[I want] to express my deepest gratitude for the amazing customer service you have provided. You were key to making this project successful. I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated your consistently excellent communication skills. [You] have been prompt, helpful, clear, and have gone above and beyond in assisting with the project. I could not rate my customer experience with you more highly!

— Cathy S.

I am obliged to mention C & A since you did such an exceptional job helping me out with the camera issue. I really appreciate your help!

— Chris | Brother’s Gromm

The optics [of the MFL-20] are good enough to see live protozoa specimens in enough detail to see the movement of cilia in larger paramecium, etc. That’s a very good thing at this price point. The large focus knob seems fairly easy to bring things into focus. It certainly [has] better optics than most of the other toy microscopes options!

— Tom M. | Chantilly, VA

My [micro]scope base arrived [on time]. I could not be happier! I am now off and running. You and your company were great, and your service was spot on. Many, many thanks!

— Tony K. | Australia

(About the Smartphone Inspector) “[This] clip-on microscope is terrific fun. It’s way easier to use than I would have expected. My granddaughter (age 15) was fascinated by it. So I’ll definitely be picking up some more of those and posting a mention on my blog.

— Tom M. | Chantilly, VA