Why We Love Microscopes (And You Should, Too!)

Microscopes are powerful tools, great toys, and all around fantastic. Need more proof? continue reading, or see some of our other resources:

Microscopes are one of those technologies that will never go out of style. 

No one will ever not need to see something at a microscopic level. But more than that, we will never not need them.

Science has come so far because we have machines like microscopes. And with the changing times and progression of technologies, Microscopes have advanced with us. They are more than glass refracting images. They are super computers, they can see things at subatomic levels. We can understand the world around us because we can see the very fibers that make up our world.

But what about those of us who do not hold a PHD in, well, anything? Microscopes are evolving for the needs of us too.

Kid’s Microscopes, for example, have developed far beyond the mirror stand they used to be. Now kids of young ages can explore the world with a deeper understanding than before. And though evolution usually means more expensive and fragile, Kid’s Microscopes have become more kid friendly; some being made of plastic without losing the magnifying power of a “Real Microscope”.

As photography essentially eveolved at the same rate, and side by side with the microscope, those of us in the general populous have been able to follow the scientific community and their discoveries. We can see cell division and learn about it as it happens. We can see and understand what cancerous cells look like and what they do.

Microscopes are essential learning tools at every age level; from young children to medical students and even beyond that. So do yourself a favor and invest in a microscope. Take our word for it, they are a great educational and fun tool to have around the house!

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