Ultimate Slide Warmer Cheat Sheet

Even though they are called slides warmers they have multiple functions and do more than just “warm” slides.

Yes a lot of people use these to dry/warm slides or to help in their staining, but here are some other application our customers use for our slide warmers:

  1. Warming gel packs.  Believe it or not we get request to buy our slide warmers to warm gel packs.  Doctor offices place the gel pack on the warmer and heat to body temperature
  2. Histology to dry slides or flatten the paraffin samples
  3. IVF application for holding specimens at body temperature
  4. Cytology, Pathology and Biology
  5. And even in the preparation of medical marijuana


What is the right slide warmer for you? 

A lot of times the decision to take one slide warmer over another depends on the amount of space available in your lab, your budget, your application and your volume:

  • Space – Often we see customers that need a larger slide warmer due to the volume of work they do, but they have nowhere to put the larger unit.  We have designed a “step up” warmer that allows the slides to gradually stack up to increase the number of slides that can be warmed but not having to sacrifice the real estate in the lab.
  • Budget – Most of our slide warmers are affordable as low cost alternatives to the expensive units on the market.
  • Application – As mentioned above there are many different applications for using the slide warmer.  Some need the cover for a more controlled temperature or a more humid rich environment.
  • Volume – Volume may require you to need a large slide warmer compared to a small one or vice versa.

Why would anyone need your covered slide warmer?

Using a cover on the slide warmer allows for a more controlled temperature.  We have found that the cover holds the heat in for a much more uniformed temperature.  Also some customers place water dishes or wet paper towels down to increase humidity or steam for certain stains or techniques.

How high do the warmers temperature go?

The small, large and covered slide warmers go to 75C.  The “step up” slide warmer goes to 140C.

How many slides can I fit at once?

  • Small slide warmer – 23 slides
  • Large slide warmer – 66 slides
  • Step up slide warmer – 40 slides


You can see the Slide Warmers we have to offer here

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