Spooky Experiments perfect for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and we “Mad Scientists” are excited to show you what we have been brewing in our lab!

Behold! Spooky Experiments perfect for any MAD SCIENTIST on Halloween!

Try them all and put some extra mad science in your Halloween.

We here at Science Hub’s Mad Science division have taken the time to test each of these experiments for their spook factor and they all pass with flying colors!

1. Dancing Ghosts

In true Halloween Spirit, “We ain’t afraid of no ghosts!” In fact, we’ve seen one dance! “Dancing Ghost” is one of our personal favorites here at the Science Hub. It’s simple and cheap, but teaches us a lot about static electricity. Inspiration Laboratories has the best instructions on this fun and frightful experiment.

2. Erupting Pumpkins

Imagine this: You’re strolling along on Halloween, minding your own business when suddenly a pumpkin erupts with bubbly, fizzy, colored liquid! How cool and absolutely frightening would that be?! Well, Growing a Jeweled Rose has everything you need to make a pumpkin erupt like a volcano!

3. Spooky Lava Lamps

Do you need some extra spooky decorations? We have exactly what you need: Spooky Lava Lamps. These lava lamps look like they just walked out of a horror movie! How cool is that? For full instructions for Spooky Lava Lamps visit our friends at Science Sparks.

The Spooky Halloween experiments don’t stop there! Submit your favorite experiment to us and we will feature it on the blog!

Listed below are some of our favorite blogs featuring their own Spooky Science. Go check them out!

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