Alchohol Lamps

Alcohol Lamps

Model Number: 97-5313, 97-5314
Improved design glass lamps

Detailed description:
Improved design glass lamps have secure screw-on top. All have metal snuffer cap for extinguishing flame and to prevent oder and evaporation when not in use. Individually boxed, 50/case. Alcohol not included.

97-5313: Glass, 120ml/4oz
97-5314: Glass, 60ml/2oz

Bunsen Burners

Model Number: 97-5301, 97-5302
Natural Gas Burners

Detailed description:
Natural gas burners, with air and needle valve gas adjustments. Aluminum base, nickel plated steel tube 7/16″ diameter, with brass fittings. 6 1/8″ high. Packed 50/case

97-5301: With flame control adjustment knob
97-5302: Standard

Lamp w/ Assembly Stand

Model Number: 97-5318
New solid wood base

Detailed description:
All in one set includes: 150ml glass alcohol lamp with sturdy wooden base to prevent being knocked over and wire gauze stand for supporting your specimen for heating. Alcohol not included. Individually boxed, 40/case.

Replacement Wicks

Model Number: 97-5310
For our alcohol lamps

Detailed description:
For glass alcohol lamps. Fits either size lamp.

97-5310: pack of 12 wicks

Wickless Metal Alcohol Lamp

Model Number: 97-5320
All Metal Alcohol Lamp, 100ml

Detailed description:
All-metal alcohol lamp has a single wickless burner, 100ml capacity. Includes metal snuffer cap for sxtinguishing flame and to prevent oder and evaporation when not in use. Induvidually boxed, 50/case. Alcohol not included.

Wooden Funnel Support

Wooden Funnel Support Model Number: 97-4801
Our economical Laboratory Porcelain