Not Quite Eaten Alive

Discovery Channel aired a special episode on Sunday night called Eaten Alive, in which nature conservationist Paul Rosolie claimed he would be eaten by a giant anaconda. More than four million viewers who tuned in for the episode were disappointed, however, when Rosolie backed out at the last minute.

Having donned a special protective suit designed to withstand the crushing force of the anaconda’s constrictions, Rosolie decided to remove a section of it from his lower arm for the sake of mobility. But when the giant snake started constricting, Rosolie couldn’t take the pressure. “I started to feel the blood drain out of my hand and I felt the bone flex, and when I got to the point where I felt like it was going to snap I had to tap out,” he said (James Hibberd, Entertainment Weekly).

Apparently, Rosolie had every intention of actually being eaten. The snake constricted him for more than an hour before making a bite for his head. By that point, his arm was getting ready to break, and Discovery made it clear that the safety of both Rosolie and the snake were the utmost priority. Not only were PETA and other animal rights groups actively speaking out against the act (afraid that the animal would be harmed in the process), but of course the crew had to protect Rosolie as well.

Since airing on Sunday night, Discovery has received blatant criticism from viewers who were disappointed with the outcome. After all, the title of the show was Eaten Alive, and its official programming description promised that a man “enters the belly of an anaconda.” But ultimately, Rosolie’s goal was to raise awareness for the Amazon, and with more than four million viewers watching the show, he may have done exactly that.

The good news for you mad scientists is that you can still see the inside of a snake! This snake skeleton will give you a pretty good idea what it’s like on a snake’s insides without being eaten alive first.

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