Eaten Alive by an Anaconda

Being a mad scientist isn’t easy. Here at C&A Scientific, we do all kinds of crazy experiments and plenty of maniacal cackling… but we manage to keep ourselves out of harm’s way. Unlike this mad scientist, who got eaten alive by an anaconda.

On purpose.

And the best part is, he did it in the name of science!

Paul Rosolie, a researcher and conservationist, wanted to raise awareness of and support for the Amazon, but didn’t know how best to get peoples’ attentions. What better way than to get eaten alive by an anaconda for Amazon awareness? “What I’m trying to do with this is bring in a bunch of people that wouldn’t necessarily know what’s going on in the Amazon,” says Rosolie.

In addition to spending time studying the migration patterns of tigers in India, Rosolie has been working in the Amazon for nearly 10 years studying anacondas, and has now finally gotten to experience the creatures from the inside out. Finding one big enough, however, was no easy task. Rosolie and his crew spent about 60 days hiking through the Peruvian rain forest looking for just the right snake for the job.

“You can’t just walk into the Amazon to find one of these things,” Rosolie says. “They’re incredibly hard to find. A lot of the most dangerous stuff that we went through was just while searching for these snakes–we came up against crocodiles, electric eels, huge falling trees, flooding rivers, and poachers.”

Talk about dedication! When they found one large enough–25 feet long and about 500 pounds–it took 12 people to wrestle the massive reptile into submission. In order to survive the expedition into the belly of the beast, Rosolie went equipped with a carbon fiber suit to protect him against the intensely crushing force of the anaconda’s muscles, a 3-hour oxygen supply, radio communication, and several small cameras.

How did he get back out, you might ask? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out! It aired on Sunday, December 7th on the Discovery Channel. But in case you’re wondering, the giant reptile was not harmed in the process. The rest of the crew was on hand to make sure that both the snake and its meal came out alive on the other side.

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