MFL-06 Eyepiece

Much deliberation has taken place, in regards to the MFL-06 eyepiece lens breaking when removing it from the top of the microscope. There are a few reasons for this, and by giving a brief history of the latest upgrades and updates to the manuals, one can understand how the microscope currently functions.

It used to be that one would replace the batteries by first removing the eyepiece to ensure it didn’t fall out and break when flipping the microscope upside down to install the batteries. Minor adjustments to the design have eliminated the recommendation to remove the eyepiece since the eyetube and eyepiece are now fitted to be tight enough so that the eyepiece will not fall out so easily. Now one can simply lift up the microscope and replace the batteries by using the compartment on the bottom of the base of the microscope, without having to remove the eyepiece. The current eyepieces can come out simply by pulling the lens slowly but firmly. This is not recommended, though, because you no longer need to pull it out to replace the batteries, and pulling it out increases the chances of the lens falling out and/or breaking.

Once the modifications were done to the microscope, we were tasked with changing the user manual to reflect the upgraded microscope eyepiece. It took us a little while to finalize the changes to the manual and for one season, microscopes were sent out with the old manuals. Therefore, when one was referring to the manual to replace the batteries, he could have been misled to unnecessarily remove the eyepiece.

Since then, our manuals have been updated along with our equipment.

The current eyepiece does not come out very easily. If one tries to unscrew the eyepiece, it will just keep turning or come apart. When replacing the batteries, leave the eyepiece in. If you are removing the lens to attach the MA88 Digital Viewer, one needs only to pull it straight away from the base and the rest of the microscope. Although it is very tight, it will simply slide out of the tube. Do not turn or unscrew the eyepiece, you could dis-assemble it by accident. If you do have an eyepiece that has come apart, refer to the diagram for the correct position of lenses to re-assemble the eyepiece.

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