5 Misconceptions about Kid’s Microscopes

What makes a kid’s microscope great?

Is it the accessories that come with it? Is it the magnification? Is it the light source? Well honestly it’s these things and much more… but with all of the options on the market, how can you really be sure you are getting the absolute BEST microscope for your money?

We have your top 5 Misconceptions about Kid’s Microscopes to help you pick out the best without hitting your wallet too hard.


  1. Magnification isn’t everything.

Some Kid’s Microscopes boast a very impressive 100 or more magnification! Though it sounds like this would make the model better than anything else, ultimately, anything over 60x magnification would require “Immersion oil” to see anything!

  1. All microscopes do not do the same thing

There are several types of microscopes for kids that do different things. To name a few: a Stereoscope (a top-down light source; best for solid objects, figurines, models, insects, etc.) and a microscope (usually a bottom-up light source; best for slides). These microscopes do different things and some models are made with different age groups in mind.

  1. Metal isn’t always best!

Just because a microscope is made of plastic doesn’t mean that it isn’t a real microscope! Hard plastic is a great alternative to metal especially for kids. It’s light and easy to carry making it safer for younger explorers.

  1. All Kid’s Microscopes do not have glass lenses

A lot of kid’s microscopes actually have plastic lenses which makes it hard to see anything under the scope. Plastic lenses scratch easier than glass as well, which means the scope doesn’t last as long.

  1. Price doesn’t ensure quality.

It’s great because it’s expensive. This couldn’t be farther than the truth: as we mentioned above, some microscopes boast great things; Metal, over 60x magnification, special lenses. You could be paying more for things you don’t need.


There are so many microssccopes out there, and it can be stressfull to figure out which is best for you; but it doesn’t have to be! Let us help you determine what microscope would be best for you! See what we have to offer on our website for more information.

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